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Parents, do you know where your first-time teeenage driver is right now?

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Watch a video of Track Teen Driver gps tracking system in action.

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Technology lets parents track teen drivers' speed, location »

GPS Tracking Products & Navigation Systems:

Track Teen Driver offers 7 "real time" GPS tracking devices and 1 "passive" GPS tracking device to meet the parents’ needs:

  • Talk-N-Track –Transform your phone to a tracking device. More»
  • TTD Plug-N-Track -A compact, self-contained device, the unit offers on-board diagnostic (OBD) features without the high cost. More »
  • TrimTrac – This is a low-cost, fully integrated "real time" GPS positioning and reporting device with up to 90-day operation on four AA batteries. More»
  • Teen Tracker –Our basic unit for parents who require "real time" GPS monitoring. More»
  • Teen Tracker PlusOur full feature unit for parents who require full vehicle control and "real time" GPS monitoring should consider the Teen Tracker Plus. More»
  • TracTracer - a "passive" GPS tracking device that requires no monthly monitoring fee.
  • MiniTracker II - a fully integrated "real time GPS positioning and reporting device. More»


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Is your teenager driving safe?

Car Accident Track Teen Driver provides GPS vehicle tracking equipment and GPS location service to the parents of first-time teen drivers. Our GPS tracking system harnesses the power of the GPS satellite network, cellular communications, the Internet and the personal computer. Track Teen Driver provides low-costreal time GPS vehicle tracking which allows parents to instantly monitor their teen's driving habits. At Track Teen Driver we can help prevent your teen driver from making a mistake that might take a young life. From the Track Teen Driver teen vehicle tracking site parents can:

  • Determine the vehicle's speed and location. Know the location of your teen driver by viewing their car on a map from any Internet accessible computer. Just log on using your private log-in name and password, and the Track Teen Driver GPS Tracking System displays, the date, time, address (by block number), speed, and direction your teen driver is heading.
  • TeleSpeak. Can't get to a computer? That's OK because you can call from any phone, any time, and receive an automated voice recording of your teen's last updated GPS location and if moving, their speed! (This is an optional feature)
  • View historical tracking information. If your teen driver has a different view of what occurred yesterday, last week, or last month, all of their historical driving information is saved online for you to view.
  • “Ping” your teen’s car. Want to know if your teen is driving safe? The Track Teen Driver GPS Tracking System allows the parent to "ping/poll" the teen's car to receive "real-time" GPS tracking. Send a signal to the vehicle and within 10 seconds know that your teen is driving safe.
  • From your computer remotely lock or unlock the doors. If your teen driver locks their keys in the car, like we all have done, the doors can be unlocked from your computer. Or if they forget to lock-up, you won't have to worry (works only with the YDS Tracker Plus unit).
  • Disable the ignition. Sometimes we need to give our children a little "tough love". You can disable your teen driver's ignition to prevent the car from starting (works only with the YDS Tracker Plus unit).
  • Remotely flash lights or blow horn. Need to get your teen driver's attention? Push a button on your computer and blow the horn or flash the lights in your teen driver's car (works only with the YDS Tracker Plus unit).
  • Be auto/notified if your child exceeds your predetermined speed limit or goes to a restricted address or location. Parents, know within seconds if your teen driver is speeding or travels to a restricted area. The Track Teen Driver GPS Tracking System will send you an email or call your phone if your teen driver exceeds your pre-set speed limit. With Geo-fencing you will know when your teen driver arrives or leaves school and/or home.

Track Teen Driver Parent/Teen Driving ContractSafe Parent/Teen Driving Contract

Parents, with the Track Teen Driver Parent/Teen Driving Contract you can set guidelines and contractively agree on how to monitor and regulate your teens driving.
Download the Parent/Teen Driving Contract (PDF) »

Parents with First-time Teenage DriverParents with First-time Teenage Drivers

Don't worry about your first-time drivers. With Track Teen Driver, know where your first-time driver is now or has been. You'll be notified immediately by text message to your cell phone when your first-time driver goes over your specified speed limit. You will receive immediate notification when your first-time driver takes their vehicle to an area that you have restricted, e.g., a section of your city, or a particular location.

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